These bathroom tips offer guidance

To make you feel as comfortable as possible: how to plan your own personal bathroom



In the new building – or the property where everything is being scrutinised – you have unrestricted freedom in making decisions. From the floor plan to the technology, you can turn long-awaited bathroom ideas into reality here. You can also add innovative technology to your wish list. To ensure that your bathroom has a future.

Examine requirements, set priorities

首先考虑:Who uses the bathroom– single person, shared accommodation or a family? What is it supposed to be – a purist solution or a spa area? Are you aiming to create a place of retreat, or a bathroom combined with the sleeping area? You also need to take into account possible future needs:The bathroom for all generations让您安心,您的投资将长期偿还。特别是如果您在某个阶段需要帮助。然后设置A.预算。另外,挑style早期。这将使您的搜索合适的元素和组合更容易。我们的下载将帮助您不要忘记任何东西。只需按项目勾选物品。

Planning a new bathroom involves the prospect of creating your own customised feel-good atmosphere, added comfort and attractive design. What is it important to consider beforehand? Our checklists will help you.

From the innovative technology to the style collection: these ideas will help you get further ahead

Anyone picking up fresh ideas for their new bathroom can make use of technical innovations and trends. Do you dream of enjoying afloor-level showerandXXL showering indulgence?在浴室里,有很多发展:在您所在地区提出卫生专业人士了解最新趋势和选择。然后,您可以使用此背景知识来让建筑师或室内设计师确切知道您想要的内容。


新浴室需要能够站工商业t of time: with a concealed solution from hansgrohe, you can remain flexible. You can opt for an inexpensive hansgrohe product now, and then in the future you can replace it with a top-quality solution. At no great expense either. Here, the basic element is the basic set from hansgrohe, the iBox universal, which is compatible with all of the brand’s concealed mixers.

Do you want to plan ahead for the future? A cross-generation bathroom with no tripping hazards provides comfort for everyone. At the same time, you are investing in the value of the property. Also consider using the innovative选择技术with water control at the touch of a button. Its outstanding usability caters to the needs of bathroom users of all ages. Moreover: resource-conserving technologies such as气力拨款andEcosmart.make your bathroom sustainable.

What do you want the new bathroom to look like?